Who are we ?

ArkeUp Academy is a center for training and professional certifications specialized in the field of data processing and information and technology. 

Nous proposons diverses formations afin d'aider les entreprises, les professionnels et les jeunes diplômés à devenir plus compétitifs sur le marché du travail, et ce, au niveau international.

Through a leading-edge program, we shall escort you in your pursuit  of excellence.


Key in hands , you will be ready for challenging the quick technological evolution. 

Our values : 


Continuous optimization of the quality of education to increase your chances of success.

votre chance de réussite  .


Pedagogical innovative  methods, adapted to each learner , to think outside the box and by the same time while getting more proficient .


ArkeUp Academy Océan Indien is committed to take control of your future and ensuring your professional success.

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Odoo • Image et Texte

Why choose us ?

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     For our skills within the Digital business

  • Advanced program designed to be competitive in the labor market
  • Innovative teaching methods, open to technological change
  • Continuous research into quality education to boost success
  • Motivation to  break away from routine, dare change and achieve optimal results
  • Personalized assistance adapted to each participant to take control and to forge the potential of each participant

For expertise and know-how

We evaluate the ability of our experts to transmit their knowledge in an effective and optimal manner. They are assessed on their ability to :

  • Value participants’ achievements and experience
  • Create Group Dynamics
  • Creating an enabling environment for learning
  • Illustrate the theoretical phases of concrete cases
  • Focusing their interventions on the necessary operational skills
  • Avoid unnecessary theoretical development
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Pour le local qui vous sera dédié.

Nous sommes équipés d’une infrastructure normalisée, dans l'optique de vous accompagner de la meilleure des façons durant le cursus.  
- Salle de classe 

- Laboratoire informatique

- Salle pour la certification

                    A perfect knowledge of the field               

  • Experience makes our difference. Our experts master the typical business issues professionals often encounter. Such
    a knowledge enables them to provide a well-suited technical training.

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10 ans de satisfaction client

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10 ans d'expertise

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10 ans d'engagement 

Our approach

                            To better understand the challenge of your approach and define what is at stake , we help you reach your goals, offer tailored trainings , adapted to your     
                                                       needs and constraints. Dedicated to companies, our training courses are also open to individuals.



Time-saver : The sessions are planned according to your entreprise’ s availability and are based on a timetable published in accordance with the agreements

Efficiency : 
We offer expert support and personal assistance to develop the professional skills of our employees.
                 Economic :
    Cost-effective investment through optimization of training budget and equipment in accordance with current security standards.

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